Breadboard Holder for Arduino Uno Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi RAB 5 in 1


RAB Holder, also called Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Breadboard Holder. Presumably you can know its function from the name. It can ensure the security of your demoboard and avoid placing the demoboard on the desk freely to cause short cut. The RAB Holder also simplifies your experiment when you are building a complex circuit. There are three zones on the RAB Holder and each has a name on it. We have made some slots in the zone that used to fix the Raspberry Pi to make the use more comfortable.A screwdriver is provided for you to install the Raspberry Pi and Arduino board onto the holder with screws. 

Package Included
2 x M3   * 10 Screw 
4 x M2.5 * 6 Screw 
6 x M3   * 6 Screw 
1 x RAB Holder
1 x Screwdriver