Beauto Racer

Car type educational robot is equipped with a microcomputer, motors, LEDs and infrared ray sensors for detecting a black and white ground.  With Beauto Racer, you can learn flow chart and algorithm through the dedicated software “Beauto Builder R”.
Its body is an assembly kit, and the number of components is only 10 and no small part is used.  Therefore, you can assemble it within 5 to 10 minutes without using any tool.
It operates with one AA battery.  Although it is made up of simple components;  infrared ray sensors, LEDs, etc. are mounted on the body board, allowing various programming.
The robot can be connected to a USB terminal of PC and programmed on the PC.  In flow chart form, a program can be created easily by dragging the mouse to arrange and connect the command blocks.
”Beauto Builder R” ,a software for programming, has followed in the conventional Beauto Builder series and allows an easy programming with a mouse.  Furthermore, the command blocks and arrows have been designed closer to the standard ones as explained in text books, etc., making it more useful for learning of programming.
By changing the software settings, the functions of advanced-level programming operators, such as ”Display of Memory Map”, “Arithmetic operation command using variables” and “Motion command for setting an arbitrary motor speed”, can be used.