BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Kit (Base Kit)

via Sparkfun
SKU SF-DEV-17596

Navigate exciting lessons such as wirelessly piloting an alien spaceship, building an intergalactic weather station, controlling a robot, inventing alien musical instruments, and more. The Doctor Who-themed kit aims to get kids coding and educate people worldwide through the art of story telling. The education based program walks students through 20 themed projects and is Narrated by Jodie Whittaker; the familiar voice of the thirteenth Doctor. The HiFive Inventor is a hand-shaped mini-computer that is designed to teach kids how to control robots, and interface with IoT enabled systems via the on-board espressif ESP32-SOLO-1.

The Doctor Who Inventor Kit is based on the HiFive Learn Inventor and is a partnership with the BBC, Tynker, and SiFive. This kit uses the popular Doctor Who series to get kids & fans interested in programming & hardware. This kit borrows from the very popular BBC micro:bit platform, but instead bases it on the free and open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies this kit reinforces the wireless data handoff “HiFive” between devices that power Internet of Things (IoT) applications of computing like smart cities, intelligent factories, and enhanced wearable technology. With the rapid increase in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart consumer products, opportunities for bright young minds with coding skills are being created every day. Enabled by the award-winning Tynker creative coding platform, the HiFive Inventor engages students to begin coding quickly in a self-paced and learner-driven environment.

Note: This "kit" only includes the standalone HiFive board without an enclosure, a USB cable, and lesson guide. If you are looking for the full Invention Kit, make sure to check out the Coding Kit instead.