Back in Time – Make your wooden counter-clockwise clock

SKU SS-110060052

Have you watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, a story about a man living forward and growing back in time. This clock would run backward, and tell you something about the atmosphere when time goes back. Cherish the past and look forward to the future.
front board × 1   rear board × 1   
angle board × 4   pillar board × 4 
circular tape × 4   hands × 3   
quide guide × 1   white rivet × 8 
inner hexgon screw × 8   
inner hexgon spanner × 1
NOTE:AA battery is not included in this kit.
With this kit, you can assemble a wooden clock running backwards.
When making this clock, you would learn the ingredients of a clock, and feel the possibility of wood.

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Wooden shell
To be assemble
Counter clockwise
Quick guide inside