Arduino Electronic Brick Starter Kit

via Itead
SKU IT-IM120720007


This is a Starter kit of electronic brick; it includes basic components and sensors. You can build many interesting projects even if you don't know anything about soldering, that makes it the best choice for beginners, it will bring you into the Arduino World step by step.The Kit parts come with a plastic sorting boxes.

Kit Includes

  • 1x Iteaduino UNO - blue
  • 1x ITEAD 1602 LCD Shield
  • 1x Electronic brick - Buzzer
  • 1x Electronic brick - Lighting Emitting Diode
  • 1x Electronic brick - 5V Relay
  • 1x Electronic Brick - Big Button
  • 1x Electronic Brick - Track Sensor
  • 1x Electronic brick - Electronic Brick - DS18B20 1 - Wire Digital Thermometer Module
  • 1x Electronic brick - Light sensor brick
  • 5x 3 Pin Dual-female to Grove 4 pin Converter Cable - 20cm
  • 1x  <<Study Notes of Iteaduino>> CD