Apple iMac® Articulating Wall Mount Bracket

via Jaycar
In keeping with the stylish nature of Apple® products, we introduce two very stylish articulated mounting arms. Both are white in colour, one desk mount, the other wall mount. Both conform to the unique rear mounting arrangements of the Apple® product.

Note: To remove your current iMac stand you must slide a thin piece of plastic or cardboard in the stand socket, this will switch a lever (you should hear an audible click) so you can turn the stand and expose screws. Then remove all screws and the stand can be taken off for attachment to the bracket. The screws on an iMac are torx.

Cat CW-2871 Wall mount

* Lift: 340mm
* Extension: 670mm
* Max Load Weight: 14kg max

LCD Compatibility:
* 27 Thunderbolt® Display
* 24 - 27 LED Cinema Display
* 24 iMac® (aluminium & glass)
* 27 iMac®

Maximum Item Weight 14kg
Standard Format Apple iMac®,Apple Thunderbolt®
Mounting Method Wall Hang