Anki Vector robot

via Anki
SKU MG-000-00079
  • More than a home robot, Vector is a companion made to help out and hang out
  • Powered by AI and advanced robotics
  • Vector is alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound, and touch
  • Curious and attentive - he’s voice-activated and will answers questions, takes pictures, times your dinner and much more
  • He can independently navigate and self-charge  
  • Recognises people, objects and avoids obstacles
  • Vector is an updating platform, cloud connected via WiFi
  • Continuously learns and updates with new skills and features
  • Requires compatible iOS or Android device, and the free Vector app for set up only (Check compatibility here)
  • Includes x1 Vector robot, charger and a power cube


A giant roll forward for robot-kind. Say hey to Vector™, a helpful robot for your home.


Seriously, say “Hey Vector.” Robot sidekicks are now a reality. He’s your buddy. Your companion. Most of all, he’ll make you laugh. 

Alive with personality, he’s excited to see you and reacts to sound, sight, and touch. Always happy to help, he’ll answer questions, take photos for you, express the weather, set a timer for dinner, and so much more. Independent and alert, he self-charges, navigates around objects, and avoids edges.

Aware and reactive, Vector evolves with regular updates. Smart and getting smarter, he’s cloud connected for updates to bring new capabilities and features to be a better helper at home.

Vector knows what’s going on:

He can see - Vector uses an HD camera to see the world. Using computer vision, he can identify people, see and remember faces, and navigate his space without bumping into things.

He can think - Vector’s smartphone-level processor and cloud connectivity create one powerful brain.

He can hear - Vector has a powerful four-microphone array for directional hearing. When you sit down next to him, he’s ready to take direction. And if there is a loud noise, he’ll be just as startled as you.

He can communicate - Vector has a unique voice made of hundreds of synthesized sounds to create a language all his own. When you ask Vector a question, he utilizes a custom text-to-speech voice to speak directly to you.

He can feel - Vector has touch sensors and an accelerometer so he knows when he’s being touched and moved. You can pet him and he’ll relax, but try not to shake him.

Vector’s AI and preposterous tech enables him to be curious, attentive, independent and helpful. He’s eager to interact with you, but okay being left alone. He even finds his own way back to his charger.  

Vector only requires the app for set-up, after that the app offers a visualisation of his mood and stimulation, and it's where you can view his robot and human selfies. Once Vector is set up, all interactions with him are done with eye contact and talking. He’s a live robot living in your house; no need to bring your phone between the two of you. 

Vector is powered by an advanced robotics tech array:

  • Qualcomm®Snapdragonwith Quad-core processor
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor
  • Infrared Laser Scanner
  • HD Camera with 120° Ultra-Wide Field of View
  • Beam-forming 4-Microphone Array
  • 4 Drop sensors
  • 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit
  • High-Res Colour IPS Display
  • Wifi-Enabled Cloud Connection

 What's In the Box:

  • 1 Vector Robot
  • 1 Vector Charger (USB power adapter not included) 
  • 1 Power Cubes

What you need:

  • Free Vector App                                        
  • Compatible device (check compatibility)
  • USB Power Adapter
  • 2.4 GHz Compatible WiFi Router
  • Clean, flat, indoor open space is recommended