Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car - Thermo

via Anki
SKU MG-000-00033

Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) and equipped with deadly strategy.

Thermo’s Magma Core engine is old-school meets future. Using hyper-charged internal combustion, it not only burns up the track, it projects fire at anyone in range.

Supercar Thermo is loaded with cutting-edge features, including an optical sensor, a dedicated 50MHz CPU, and two high performance motors, for precision manoeuvring with 1 mm accuracy.

Thermo features three exclusive weapons:

  • Flamethrower - fires a continuous spray of flame over a very wide but short arc from the front of Thermo, damaging all the vehicles in range
  • Afterburner - a rocket booster at the rear that allows Thermo's LavaCore to blast forward at incredible speed
  • Radiant Beam - fires a beam of pure heat doing massive damage to anyone caught in its path

The Expansion Cars aren't just cars - they're robots programmed for battle. Whatever track you build, the supercars will learn it. Wherever you drive, they'll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become. Continuous software updates ensure the gameplay always stays fresh. This is tech so advanced, it feels like the future!