AGS02MA TVOC Gas Sensor


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We can get a further 1000 units in Australia from Little Bird. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jul 29, 2021 - Aug 15, 2021.

AGS02MA is a MEMS TVOC gas sensor with a calibrated digital signal output. It uses dedicated digital module acquisition technology and gas sensing sensing technology to ensure high reliability and excellent long-term stability. This MEMS gas sensor features low power consumption, high sensitivity, fast response, high reliability and stability, low cost, and simple drive circuit.
It is mainly used to monitor the presence of polluting gases such as ethanol, ammonia, sulfides, benzene vapors, smoke and other harmful gases in the environment where the sensor is located, and can be applied to air purifiers, household appliances, new fans, etc. The sensor can detect a variety of harmful gases in the industry.
 ●   Low cost, good long-term stability and excellent quality
 ●   Super-fast response, high sensitivity, fast response and recovery time.
 ●   Long service life
 ●   Long signal transmission distance
 ●   Digital signal output, accurate calibration