7 Screen 100MHz Dual Channel DSO

via Jaycar

Enhanced performance, professional level test instrument for the technician, design engineer or development laboratory. Full 100MHz bandwidth to keep up with the current digital chip technology, plus a host of features that make it a cost-effective addition or upgrade to your current test equipment. Big 7 screen, smaller, lighter more portable and with a host of extra features, and it even includes a carry bag.

* Digital filter function and waveform recorder function
* Pass/fail function
* Two groups of reference waveforms and 20 groups of capture waveforms
* Channel waveform and its FFT waveform on split screen
* PictBridge compatible
* Memory depth up to 2Mpts
* 1000CML series armed with waveform record function. Max. 6M record data, Max. 33.3 record hours
* New trigger types, including Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative
* Larger measurement range, Max.10V/div
* Lighter, smaller design
* Screen-saver enables less power-consuming, prolong product lifetime
* Double windows display enlarged waveform and original waveform simultaneously
* Multi-interfaces, enable to use GPIB function with our USB-GPIBSpecifications:

* Channels: 2
* Input impedance: 1Mohm
* Bandwidth: 100MHz
* Sampling rate: 1GSa/sec (per channel)
* Input coupling: AC, DC, GND
* Max input voltage: 400V DC+AC P-P, Cat II
* Triggers: Edge, pulse, width, video, slope, alt, delay
* Trigger modes: Auto, normal, single
* Mathematical operations: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, FFT
* FFT: Window: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
* Display modes: Main, window, window zoom, scan, X-Y
* DC accuracy: ±3%Display
* Type: Colour TFT LCD 178mm
* Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels
* Colour: 64k
* Contrast: 150 to 1
* Graticule: 8 x 18 div.Vertical
* Vertical sensitivity: 2mV - 5V/div
* Vertical resolution: 8 bit
* Rise time:
* Mathematical operations: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, FFT
* FFT: Window mode: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular
* Sampling points: 1024Horizontal
* Range: 2.5ns - 50s/div
* Accuracy: ±50ppm over 1ms
* Dimensions: 340(W) x 150(H) x 110(D)mm
* Weight: 2.4kg
* Accessories: 2 x 10:1 probes, EasyScope 3.0 software, USB cable

Channels 2
Triggers Edge,Pulse,Width,Video,Slope,Alt,Delay
Max input voltage 400V DC+AC P-P, Cat ll
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Sampling Rate 1G Sa/Sec (Per Channel)
Bandwidth 100MHz
Impedence rating 1MΩ
DC accuracy 3%
Mathematical Operations Add,Subtract,Multiple
Trigger Modes Auto,Normal,Single
Width 380mm
Height 150mm
Depth 110mm
Warranty: 12 Months