6-15V, 30VA, 2A Multi-Tapped Transformer

via Jaycar

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Traditional laminated iron core transformers suitable for new projects, hobby projects or as a  replacement in existing equipment. They have a thermal fuse built into the primary winding for added safety and a wide variety is available to suit your specific needs.

 * Primary Connection: 200mm Fly Leads
 * Conforms to AS/NZ 61558.2.6

Type of Transformer Laminated Core
Primary Winding Connection Flyleads
Secondary Winding Connection Solder Tags
Secondary Winding Configuration Multi-tapped
Regulation 10%
Magnetising Current 60mA
Thermal Fuse
Core Material Laminated Iron
Mount Spacing (A) 82mm
Case Type 2156
Temperature Rise Above Ambient at Rated Power 60°C
Core Winding Depth (D) 60mm
Case Length (L) 69mm
Case Width (W) 35mm
Case Height (H) 59mm
Type of converter or transformer laminated/toroidal transformer
Rated for AU Mains
Mains Voltage Range 240V
Mains Max Power 30VA
AC Voltage rating 6V,9V,12V,15V
AC current rating 2A
Weight 920g