50 Watt Amplifier Module Kit

via Jaycar
Ref: Silicon Chip March 1994

This 50 watt unit uses a single chip module and provides 50 watts RMS into 8 ohms with very low distortion and extreme quietness.
- PC Board size only 84 x 58mm.

Kit is supplied in short form version.
PC Board and electronic components only supplied.
Heatsink Optional

Power supply not included.
Power Requirements:

+/-35VDC rails @ 80VA per module
MT2114 25 + 25V 160VA toroid x 1
ZR1314 Bridge rectifier x 1
RE6241 2,200/50V electro caps x 2

Note: The LM3876 used in this design has been changed to severely limit its power output into 4 Ohm loads. If you want to use a 4 Ohm load, the solution is to use the LM3886 which can deliver over 60W. However the supply rails should be reduced to +/- 28V, as recommended in the article for the LM3876 when using 4 Ohms loads.

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Difficulty Simple
Application Field Amplifier Module
PCB Width 58mm
PCB Length 84mm
Estimated Construction Time 45min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Audio Device Amplifier
Signal Input Level 1mV
Output power 50W
Audio distortion 0.002
Signal to noise ratio -114
Audio power supply 37.5VDC
Warranty: 3 Months