5.6V 1N4734 1 Watt Zener Diode

via Jaycar

We can get 5316 units in Australia from Jaycar. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jan 29, 2020 - Jan 31, 2020.

Diode Code Voltage Wattage
1N4734 5.6V 1W

Power Dissipation 1W
Derate above 50°C 6.67mW/°C
Storage Temperature Range -65°C-200°C
Operating Junction Temperate 200°C
Thermal resistance junction to lead 53.5°C/W
Thermal resistance junction to ambient 100°C/W
Lead temperature (1/16" from case for 10 seconds) 230°C
Surge power 10W
Dialectric Breakdown Voltage 5.6V