493 Adjustable Solder Smoke Absorber ESD Remover Fume Extractor 220V

SKU SU-SmokeAbsorber

The solder material is composed of tin, lead and a variety of chemical activator synthesis. It will produce toxic ingredients when welding. Inhalation of toxic gases can cause headaches, vomiting, eye diseases and other diseases. Using HAKKO-493 Solder Smoke Absorber can prevent the absorption of toxic flux and lead smoke effectively. With compact structure, it’s easy to move. In addition, the operation is smooth and the noise is small. 

Power supply: AC 220/240V 50HZ 
Input Voltage:  220V
Power Consumption:  14W/16W (50/60Hz)
Measurement:  220 × 270 × 168mm (W × H × D) 
Weight:  1.5Kg

Package included:
1 x 493 Solder Smoke Absorber(220v)