4 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panels - Amorphous

via Jaycar
These are amorphous Silicon and are made in Asia under the control of one of the largest US manufacturers.All panels have an aluminium picture frame type surround and the cells themselves are protected from the environment by a clear glass window. Whilst solar panels have generally come down in price over the last few years. It is important to be aware of quality. There are panels available from other suppliers that may appear cheap, but their poor protection of the Silicon solar cells will ensure early failure, which makes them very expensive indeed. Manufacturers are purchasing these panels from us. The range was primarily selected for quality - with value for money in mind. You must also be aware that many of the competitors cells surveyed simply did not give the output current claimed. Our panels will deliver within claimed specs on a bright sunny day at 35°S latitude, i.e. Sydney. We have some new lower prices due to general price reductions of amorphous solar panels.Note. The output from amorphous solar panels gradually decreases over years, unlike polycrystalline which do not.

Size: 315 x 315mm
Voltage: 13 - 18V
Current: 200 - 280mA
Power- watts peak: 2.5 - 5W
Temp range: - 50°C to +70°C
Depends on light intensity.
1 Year Warranty

Solar panel type Amorphous
Current at Power Max 286mA
Voltage at Power Max 17.5V
Short Circuit Current 450mA
Open Circuit Voltage 21V
Mounting Method Standard Universal
DC Voltage 12V
Maximum Power 4W
Length 330mm
Width 330mm
Depth 22mm
Weight 2.32kg
Warranty: 60 Months