4 Digit 7 Segment Display - Green

via Pimoroni

We can get 100 units in Australia from Pimoroni. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Oct 02, 2020 - Oct 09, 2020.

Ideal for clocks and timers these displays will really light up your project

Available in four colours this common anode display has 16 through hole pins to control 4 7-segment displays with one decimal place per digit, an apostrophe and colon points.

Colour Blue Yellow Red Green White
Wavelength 460-465 nm 588-295 nm 620-630 nm 570-573 nm
IV 150-250 mcd 50-60 mcd 400-450 mcd 50-60 mcd 150-180 mcd
VF 3.2V - 3.5V 2.0V - 2.2V 1.9V -2.1V 1.9V - 2.3V 3.29V - 3.4V
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

Note: The datasheet for the white display says “blue” but that’s because the white display is simply a blue display with a colored film over it.