30mm Speaker: 100 Ohm, 0.15 W

via Pololu
SKU PL-1261

Bottom of the 30mm speaker.

This small, 0.15W speaker is a compact way to add high-fidelity sound (compared to typical units this size) to your project. The 100Ω impedance makes it possible to drive this straight from most microcontroller I/O pins, and the pins allow the unit to be soldered directly to a PC board.

This speaker was originally designed for automotive applications (e.g. for the chimes cars make when the headlights are left on). This means the speaker is engineered to operate over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Additional specifications can be found in the datasheet (2MB pdf).

Frequency response curve for the 30mm speaker.

30mm speaker dimensions (in mm).