30mm Piezo Buzzer: 1-30V

via Pololu
SKU PL-1260

Bottom of Piezo Buzzer

This piezo sounder is an inexpensive way to add sound to your project. The wide operating voltage of 1 – 30 V and low current draw (5 mA at 9 V) make it easy to control this buzzer directly from a microcontroller I/O line. The volume can be increased by driving the two pins differentially from two I/O lines. These buzzers are manufactured for name-brand household applicances, so you get the benefit of a well-engineered product at a mass-production price.

The pins on this buzzer can be jammed into a breadboard (it’s a little bit tight, but it fits).

Additional specifications can be found in the datasheet (1MB pdf).

Frequency response curve for the 30mm piezo buzzer.

30mm piezo buzzer dimensions (in mm).