210 FPV Quadcopter Drone Frame Kit NazeFlight32


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The SF210 multirotor aircraft kit is tailored for the hobbyists for FPV flying. It runs the Nazeflight32, which is developed based on Naze32, the most popular flight controller now and one of the mainstream flight controllers for multicopter racing. It’s very powerful since it supports low voltage alarm, LED status indicating and lost model alert. 
The kit runs the open-source flight control firmware CleanFlight and the firmware for the electronic speed controller. Designed to meet the hobbyists' higher requirement on flying aircraft models, the kit features stability, agility and flexibility. It can fly freely in the deep forest, through narrow aisles, etc. In addition, you can fly it in a small space or have a rapid 3D flight based on your own configuration and parameter setting.
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Package included
1 * full carbon frame SF210
1 * 3mm Heat Shrink Tubing (black)
1 * Velcro Tape (10*2.0cm)
1 * WS2812 LED Strip 5V (130mm)
1 * 5370 Epoxy headlight 12V (100mm cable)
1 * Female plug lithium battery JST cable (60mm)
1 * T-type male plug power cord (100mm)
2 * Double-Sided Foam Tape
1 * Nazeflight32 flight controller (Rev5, 6DOF)
12 * Banana Plug Male Bullet Connector (2mm)
12 * Banana Plug Female Bullet Connector (2mm)
4 * Simon 12A Electronic speed controller
20 * Zip Ties (black, 200*5mm)
1 * Lji Section Board (35*35mm, without power cord)
1 * PR301 Li-ion Polymer Balance Charger
2 * CCW Motor (black bullet)
2 * CW Motor (white bullet)
1 * Battery Strap (black, 200*20mm)
4 * Skid Landing Damping Sponge Tube
1 * Pair 5045 Clockwise & Counterclockwise propeller (Orange)
1 * Pair 5045 Clockwise & Counterclockwise propeller (Green)
1 * Active buzzer (100MM)
1 * 12V 1.5A Power Adapter
1 * 3S 11.1V 1300mAH T- Plug Li-Po Battery
1 * USB cable