200W 12VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Electrically Isolated

via Jaycar

This 12VDC to 230VAC inverter will allow you to have 230VAC power on the go and includes a 5VDC 2.1A USB power socket to charge your smart devices. It features input voltage and output overload protection. High temperature protection automatically shuts the inverter down when it reaches a predetermined temperature, then restarts once the temperature has dropped to a lower level.

* Output power surge: 400W
* Power saving mode options: None
* Efficiency: >86%
* Input connection: Removeable alligator clamps
* Remote control: None

Circuit protection:
* Output overload: Beeps 3 times and LED flashes
* Thermal alarm and shutdown: > 70
* Thermal shutdown restart: < 56°C ±3°
* Battery low shutdown: 10.5VDC
* High battery shutdown: 15.3VDC
* Input protection: Internal 35A fuse


NOTE: We DO NOT recommend that you use inverter products to operate fridges, air conditioners, or air compressors. Initial startup load for these items can greatly exceed the maximum output of the inverter and may result in catastrophic damage which will not be covered by warranty.

Length 189mm
Width 100mm
Height 60mm
Weight 702g
Output Wave Pure sinewave
Standby Current 750mA
Thermal Shutdown Temperature 70°C
Low Battery Shutdown 10.5V
External Casing bolt down
Output Frequency 50Hz
High Battery Shutdown 15.3V
Includes USB Charge Port
USB Current Rating 2.1A
Output Regulation 5%
AC Voltage rating 230V
AC Frequency 50Hz
AV Voltage Tolerance 5%
Maximum Power 270W
Continuous Power 200W
Vehicle Connection Alligator Clamps
Current Draw 20A
AC current rating 0.87A
AC current tolerance 5%
Warranty: 12 Months