2-Pin Female JST XH-Style Cable (15cm)

via Pololu
SKU PL-1164

This 6" (15cm) cable has two 26AWG stranded conductors with a 2.5mm-pitch 2-pin female JST XH-style connector. The spacing is very close to 0.1", which means this connector will work with 0.1" male header pins and standard perfboards and solderless breadboards. The other ends of the wires are unterminated and are stripped to expose approximately 5 mm of tinned copper; they can be cut to length to match your application. The red and black wires are twisted together to reduce noise.

2-Pin female JST XH-style connector.

Unterminated end of 2-Pin female JST XH-style cable (15cm).

These disconnectable crimp-style female connectors snap together securely with the three types of male JST XH-style connectors we carry: straight, right angle, and right angle extended.

2.5 mm XH-style shrouded male connector: 2-pin, straight.

For a 2-pin cable with a smaller connector (2mm pitch), see our female JST PH-style cable.

You can use our male or female crimp pins and a 0.1" 2×1 crimp connector housing to make a connector for the unterminated end of the cable that is compatible with standard solderless breadboards and perfboards.