170-II Angled Head MICRO-SHEAR FLUSH CUTTER Measuring & Layout Tools

SKU SU-MicroCutter

Type: Mini Pliers
Item model number: 170-II 
Material: Stainless Steel 
Application: Cutting 
Weight: 50g

The 170-II flush cutter has refined and comfortable handle design, making its feel particularly good. The lightweight spring design and ease open bite are both good for anti-fatigue during use. The mouth design is scientific oblique with plain end, and the blade bite is neat and tight. You can cut the 0.1MM metal wire easily. With the use of special high-speed tool steel, the hardness reaches 58 degrees, which makes it possible for the 170-II flush cutter to cut a variety of soft wires below 1.6MM and iron wires below 0.8MM easily. What’s more, it’s particularly suitable for cutting wires, electronic foot trimming plastic products and small metal wires. It can also be used for the repairing in electron industry, jewelry processing, model making and fishing.

Kindly reminder
1. Turn off the power before using.
2. When using it , please wear protective glasses.

Package Included: 1 PCS