12V 50W Light Weight Folding Solar Panel

via Jaycar
While the solar cells themselves aren’t technically flexible, as a whole it uses a combination of 4 panels, providing versatile mounting and transport options. When they’re not in use, they’re folded and extremely portable using their included carry-bag. When you want to use them, simple unfold and lay in the sun! A charge controller is included, so you can connect directly to a battery without any additional hardware. The charge controller also includes a 1.2A USB charging outlet, perfect for charging mobile phones and other devices in an emergency. Built with high grade monocrystalline solar panels, they’re durable with great output for their size. 


- Folds into Canvas Bag
- Includes Solar Controller & Battery Clamps
- Lead includes Battery Clamps
- Solar Cell Type: Mono Crystalline 156 x 156mm

Internal Width 325mm
Internal Height 360mm
Internal Depth 30mm
Cable Length 3m
Width 325mm
Height 1610mm
Depth 4mm
Weight 2.76kg
Solar panel type Monocrystalline
Current at Power Max 2.78A
Voltage at Power Max 18V
Short Circuit Current 2.97A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6V
Maximum Power 50W
Warranty: 60 Months
Special terms or exclusions: 5 year limited warranty applies. 1 year warranty for construction/manufacturing defects. Contains SunPower® solar cells warranted to exhibit 80% of original rated output under standard test conditions for a period of 5 years.