12V 150Ah Sleek AGM Deep Cycle Battery

via Jaycar

This high performance deep cycle AGM battery offers an excellent power storage solution to those with minimal space. A high energy density and top grade materials allow such a high capacity of 150Ah to be packed into such a small footprint - just 123 x 556mm, suitable to fit into a standard 23 rack. Front terminal access makes battery connections neat and simple, and the durable carry handles allow for easier handling and inspection. Designed to perform in harsh tropical conditions, and with a superior high rate discharge performance and higher cycle service life, this battery is perfect for a wide array of applications including remote solar systems, caravan and RV, motorhome, and marine. With a float voltage of 13.5V, this AGM battery is perfectly suited to caravans to make the most of charging off the engine alternator. See our website for a full specification datasheet.

* Small footprint to suit installations in tight areas such as marine, caravans or motorhomes
* Design Float life of 12+ years in accordance with Eurobat classification of long life battery
* Suitable for standard 23 rack
* Advanced AGM (absorbed glass matt) separator offering longer service life and superior high rate discharge performance
* Threaded post copper insert terminals offering high conductivity
* Fire retardant container and cover (UL40 - V0)
* Compliant to IEC 60896-21/22:2004 and UL approved
Voltage 12V
Float voltage 13.5V
Boost voltage 13.8V
Capacity 150Ah (10hr rate), 164Ah (20hr rate)
Self-discharge < 1% per week
Shelf life without re-charge Up to 6 months
Operating temperature -40°C to 60°C
Design float life 12+ years at 27°C
Design cycle life 1800+ cycles @20%DOD, 900+ cycles @50%DOD, 500+ cycles @80%DOD
Dimensions 123(W) x 556(D) x 296(H)mm
Weight 52kg

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Note: Due to excessive weight this product cannot be shipped by express or air freight and may attract a surcharge when shipped by road freight. Please contact our call centre for details.

Battery quantity 1pc
Recharging Voltage 13.5V
Battery Peak Current 150A
DC Voltage 12V
Width 123mm
Height 296mm
Depth 556mm
Weight 52kg
Warranty: 12 Months