125mm TGK-A01 Electronics Diagonal Pliers CR-V Mini Copper Wire Cutting Pliers

SKU SU-TGK-A01CuttingPliers

Weight: 80g
Color: Black
Application: Cutting
Specifications: 125 mm
Model Number: TGK-A01
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Material: Chrome Vanadium
Cut copper wire: diameter 2.0mm
Type: Electronic Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Cut off ability: copper wire diameter 2.0 mm
Edge: high frequency heat treatment 58-62HRC
Function: used for the cutting of electronic parts

1. To ensure your safety, please use the protective glasses.
2. Do not work beyond the scope of use pliers, otherwise it will damage the nippers.

1 x TGK-A01 Electronic Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Cut off the power supply before using to ensure the safety of yourself.