12/24VDC 20A Motor Speed Controller Kit

via Jaycar
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine June, 2011.

Control the speed of 12 or 24VDC motors from zero to full power, up to 20A. Features optional soft start, adjustable pulse frequency to reduce motor noise, and low battery protection. The speed is set using the onboard trimpot, or by using an external potentiometer (available separately).

- Kit supplied with soldermasked PCB with overlay and all onboard electronic components.

Assembly required
Difficulty Detailed
Application Field Motor Speed Controller
PCB Width 60mm
PCB Length 106mm
Estimated Construction Time 90min
Tools required Soldering Iron,Flat Head Screwdriver
Additional optional items 10K External potentiometer (RP3510), Recommended enclosure (HB6013)
Warranty: 3 Months