12/24V 30A DC to DC Battery Charger

via Jaycar
Ideal for 12V auxiliary battery charging. It has an ignition line connection for automatic battery disconnection, it can be programmed to provide the correct charging mode for a wide range of battery types. You don’t need heavy connecting cables due to its buck boost feature, has reverse polarity and overload protection, all in a neat easily mounted module. Its wide input voltage range means you can charge your 12V battery from a 24V system.

Width 180mm
Height 134mm
Depth 60mm
Weight 385g
Type of Batteries Sealed Lead Acid (SLA),Deep Cycle SLA,Deep Cycle Gel Cell
Charger Output Voltage 12V
Charger Output Current 30mA
Connection Type Contact Plate
Required Voltage 9V-32V
Warranty: 12 Months