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What Is Stem? Steam? Stream?

Everybody's doing it. Everybody's talking about it. Most teachers are being asked (or more likely, told) to do it. Some people are also calling it STEAM. Others are calling it STE(A)M. More than one place I've seen is calling it STREAM and I kid you not, other places are advertising that they do SHTREAM. Something we've noticed though, is that there aren't too many people telling you what STEM / STEAM / or any other iteration actually is. Hopefully this post will help you out.*  

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'Introduction To Micro:Bit' Workshop

Hey folks, we're holding our 'Introduction to Micro:bit' workshop on Saturday, 23rd of February 2019 at Nuvotion HQ. This workshop is specifically designed for you, by our technical support team. If you’re interested, get a spot now!

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Chinese New Year Is Just Around The Corner

We wish all customers who are celebrating, a Happy Chinese New Year! As you know, many people including suppliers will be celebrating as well, so this will affect orders coming out of China for the next three weeks.

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