I have been working closely with our local primary school to set up a STEM Club for the Yr 1 - 3 students.  

Originally it was to be Friday lunchtime Stem Club however due to the popularity we had to split it into 2 groups of 20 over two days.

I have done small group projects with some of these children including Makedo grippers, box animals, paper circuits and LittleBits.   

With the 20 students I am going to continue to keep them in small groups so that everyone will get lots of time on each activity.

We will start with 5 groups with 4 in each.

The activities in the first 5 weeks will be:

Group 1 - LittleBits (I actually have a lot of InnoBits which are now discontinued) - These great little modules are Lego Compatible and students can snap them together to play with the various inputs and outputs. 

Group 2  - Photon Robot.  I actually have 2 of these out of the box and in use as samples.  This is a fantastic robot which the children can learn the basics of programming.  I have tested these with my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son.  Small children are able to work independently with the 'Draw' programming.  In this mode they can drag their finger over the grid and set the colour of Photons Ears and have him make various noises.  My 6 year old son was able to easily do the 'Badge' programming which uses symbols to program the robot.  He got really excited with the 'Expert' blocks where he could create an infinite repeat program.

Group 3 - 3D Pens.  We use these pens at work sometime to clean up or join a 3D print together.  The children will be using these to draw over stencils - including creating Insects, the Eiffel tower, a house or flowers.  I've tried to find some stencils with labels for the various components - I wanted to see if the children pick up on some of the anatomy of the insects.

Group 4 - Makedo - This group will be doing creative cardboard...  I have cut up loads of cardboard and printed out some challenge cards.  This group will be left mostly to their own inventiveness and I look forward to seeing the result!

Group 5 - Turing Tumble - The marble computer will be 1 between two children.  I expect they will do  a lot of experimenting and testing. 

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