Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles

Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles Australia
Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles Australia Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles Australia Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles Australia
Product ID: AF-615


We have 16 units of the Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles in stock at our Sydney warehouse.

If ordered before 2pm, this part would be delivered on or before Wednesday, Mar 27 to most parts of Australia.

We can get a further 100 units from Adafruit Australia.
If you order today we can dispatch this stock between Thursday, Mar 28 and Tuesday, Apr 02 2019.

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Adafruit's Description of the Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles


Mighty needles, sew like the wind! This needle set is the only one you'll need for any sort of hand sewing, especially using our conductive thread and wearable electronics parts.

Each pack contains 20 gold-eye sharps, with eye sizes ranging from #3 (1.75" long) to #9 (1.35" long). The two #3's (the largest) are too large to pass through the sewable coin cell holder but otherwise are easy to use and thread. The four #9's (the smallest) are a little difficult to thread so you may not want to use them with our conductive thread - they'll be easier to use with normal thread however. The remaining 14 needles are perfect for use with our 2-ply stainless conductive thread, 3-ply stainless conductive thread or stainless conductive thin yarn.

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