Wearable Torch with EagLED


The EagLED is a handy e-textile development kit which includes a push button switch and several LEDs.

In this guide, learn to build a wearable torch with one LED and a button. It will be powered with a coin cell battery.

Complete this guide to master the basics and go on with incorporating buttons and LEDs in your wearable electronic projects.

The parts

For this guide, you'll need:

  • EagLED - Little bird E-Textile Snappable board. We'll be using these parts:
    • The main board
    • We'll be using one of the eye-shaped LEDs
    • The coin cell battery holder and a CR2032 coin cell battery
  •  Alligator test leads 
    • This will only be used in the prototyping process
  • Conductive Thread and a sewing needle
    • We'll then sew the components using conductive thread
  • Fabric of your choice
    • Blue felt fabric is used here 
  • Fabric scissors

Step 1  Prototype with alligator clips

First, let's start with the prototype. Get out the alligator clips and connect the LED to the EagLED:

  • '+' to '#3'
  • '-' to 'GND'

Now connect the button to the EagLED:

  • Connect a yellow alligator clip from the button to '#6'
  • Connect a red alligator clip from the button to '3.3V' on the EagLED
  • Then connect a black alligator clip from the button to 'GND' on the EagLED

Step 2  Arduino sketch

              int ledPin = 3;
int button = 6;
int buttonVal = 0;

void setup()
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(button, INPUT);
  Serial.begin(9600);                 //initialize the serial port

void loop()                         // run over and over again
  buttonVal = digitalRead(button);
  if (buttonVal == HIGH) {
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

Upload this code to the EagLED and test out the prototype!

Step 3  Connect the LED to EagLED

In this guide, a rectangular cut out from a sheet of felt fabric is used to create the wearable.

The EagLED is then sewn onto the inner side, and the LED is sewn onto the outer side.

First, create three loops around each sew tab on the EagLED. 

Then poke the sewing needle through to the outer side to meet the LED.

Connect the EagLED to the LED:

  • '#3' to '+'
  • 'GND' to '-'

Step 4  Connect button to EagLED

Next, connect the EagLED to the button. The button is sewn on the outer side:

  • '#6' '
  • '3.3V'
  • 'GND'

Step 5  Connect coin cell battery holder to EagLED

Finally, connect the coin cell battery holder to the EagLED:

  • '+' to '3.3V'
  • '-' to 'GND'

Step 6  The complete wearable torch

Insert the CR2032 battery into the coin cell battery holder. 

Flick the switch to 'ON' on the EagLED and battery holder. 

Test it out!