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Arduino Guides

In these guides we dive deep into Arduino.

1. Meet the Arduino IDE

Installing and running the Arduino Software.

2. LEDs with Arduino

Fade, Flicker and Twinkle.

3. Light Dependent Resistor

Sense light with your Arduino

4. Temperature Sensor

Learn to use a TMP36 temperature sensor with the Arduino

5. Use a Push Button with Arduino

Turn an LED on and off with the Arduino

6. How to Use an RGB LED with Arduino

Learn to use a multi colour LED

7. Change a Variable with a Potentiometer

Change a variable with a potentiometer and Arduino

8. Make a Sound with a Piezo Buzzer

We can make simple tones with a buzzer.

9. Use an Arduino to Control a Relay

Learn to turn high power devices on and off

10. Use an IR Receiver with Arduino

Receive controls from your remote control!

11. Use a Tilt Sensor with Arduino

Read when an object is being tilted

12. How to Power Your Arduino

Connect a 9V battery to the Arduino

13. Get Started With the DHT11

Read the temperature and humidity with DHT11 and Arduino

14. Control a Servo with Arduino

Apply mechanical force with a servo and Arduino

15. Use a Moisture Sensor with Arduino

This sensor allows you to read the moister in soil

16. Capacitive Touch Sensor with Arduino

We will use the touch sensor to turn an LED on and off

17. Hall Effect Sensor with Arduino

This sensor detects the presences of magnetic fields

18. Alcohol Sensor with Arduino

Learn to make your own breathalyzer

19. Laser Sensor with Arduino

Create a simple tripwire alarm

20. Sound Detection with Arduino

Learn to use a sound sensor to detect sound around you!

21. Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Find out how to use an Ultrasonic Rangefinder for proximity sensing

22. Reed Switch with Arduino

Use a reed switch to turn an LED on and off

23. Infrared Transmitter with Arduino

Create an Arduino IR Remote

24. Flame Sensor

Keep an eye on a candle you have burning or a fireplace!

25. Shift Register with Arduino

Learn to use a shift register with 8 LEDs and an Arduino

26. Automatic Plant Watering with Arduino

Learn to set up an automatic plant watering system with the Arduino

27. Connect Arduino to Processing

Learn to send data from Arduino to Processing

Raspberry Pi Guides

In these guides we dive deep into Raspberry Pi.

1. Enabling SSH

How to turn on SSH on your Raspberry Pi

2. Make a Smart Aquarium

Add a temperature sensor to your fish tank

3. Create a NOOBS MicroSD Card

Learn to format your microSD card and get NOOBS on it

4. Edit Text Files on a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to easily edit text files on your Raspberry Pi

5. Install TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install TensorFlow on the Raspberry Pi

6. Get Started with Pi Camera V2

Learn to set up and control the Raspberry Pi Camera module

7. Program an Uno with Raspberry Pi

Learn to program an Arduino Uno with your Raspberry Pi

8. Bluetooth Audio with Raspberry Pi

Learn to use a bluetooth speaker with your Raspberry Pi

9. Create a HTPC Media Centre

Use your Raspberry Pi as a media centre

10. Create a Google Calendar Reminder Device with Raspberry Pi

Make an appointment reminder with a Pi Zero and Blinkt! LED strip

11. Set Up Lakka for Raspberry Pi

Start playing retro games with Lakka

12. Use the Sense HAT Emulator in Raspbian

Test out sensor code without a physical sense HAT!

13. Set Up VNC on Raspberry Pi

Access your Raspberry Pi remotely

14. Run Android on Raspberry Pi

Learn to use emteria.OS and get Android apps on your Raspberry Pi

15. Build a Raspberry Pi Security Camera

Use MotionEyeOS and create your own surveillance camera

16. Create a File Server using Samba

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a file server

17. Raspberry Pi and MaKey MaKey Operation Game

Recreating the Operation Game with a Raspberry Pi and MaKey

18. Blink an LED with Raspberry Pi

Learn to use GPIO Zero library to turn an LED on and off

19. Connect a Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Raspberry Pi

Learn to connect a DHT22 sensor to Raspberry Pi

20. Use a Push Button with Raspberry Pi

Learn to connect a push button and program it on Raspberry Pi

21. Use Analogue Sensors with Raspberry Pi

Use an MCP3008 to connect and program a Raspberry Pi with a light dependent resistor

22. Building the Pong Game Hardware

Build a simple Pong game controller using the Raspberry Pi

23. Getting Started with the Sense HAT

Gather and display environmental data using the Sense HAT

24. How to Put the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the Black Case

Learn how to put the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the Black Case

25. 7-Inch LCD Touch Screen with Raspberry Pi

How to set up the 7-inch touch screen

26. 5-Inch Touch Screen Display with Raspberry Pi

Set up the 5-inch touch screen with Raspberry Pi

27. How to Put the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the Official Red and White Case

Learn how to put the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into its case and how to attach heatsinks to it

28. How to Attach the PoE HAT to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Learn how to to put together the PoE HAT with your Raspberry Pi 3B+

29. How to Attach Heatsinks to Raspberry Pi

Learn to add heat sinks to your Raspberry Pi board

31. Getting Started With the Raspberry Pi

Set up the Raspberry Pi for Raspbian

32. Retropie with Raspberry Pi

Set up Retropie with Raspberry Pi 3B+

33. Retropie with 5'' Touch Screen

Set up touch screen functionality for retro gaming

34. Retropie with 7'' Touch Screen

Learn to set up the touch functionality on 7'' touch screen for retro gaming

Micro:Bit Guides

In these guides we dive deep into Micro:Bit.

1. Meet the micro:bit

Learn about the micro:bit's key features as well as the SPI and I2C protocols

2. Setting up the Micro:bit with Makecode

Learn about the programming interface for the micro:bit

3. Use a Two Colour LED Module with micro:bit

Make a Two Colour LED blink using the micro:bit

4. Make an RGB LED Blink with micro:bit

Light up and blend the colours of an RGB LED

5. Laser Head Sensor with micro:bit

Make a Tripwire Alarm with micro:bit

6. Create a Doorbell with micro:bit

Use a push button and buzzer module to create a simple doorbell

7. 4-Digit Counter with micro:bit

Learn to use a 4 digit display with micro:bit

8. Measure Temperature and Humidity with micro:bit

Learn to use an external temperature sensor with micro:bit

9. 0.96'' OLED Screen with micro:bit

Learn to show images on the screen

10. Thermistor Sensor Module with micro:bit

Learn to use a thermistor module with micro:bit

11. Light-dependent Resistor with micro:bit

Learn to use a light-dependent resistor with the micro:bit

12. Sound Sensor with micro:bit

Program the micro:bit to detect sound using Arduino IDE

13. Control LED Brightness Using a Potentiometer

Learn to use the potentiometer with micro:bit

14. Raindrop Sensor with micro:bit

Make a device that detects when it rains

15. Reed Switch with micro:bit

Learn to use a reed switch module and create a security alarm

16. Temperature Sensor with micro:bit

Get detailed temperature readings with the micro:bit

17. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor with micro:bit

Get readings from an atmospheric pressure sensor and the micro:bit

18. Smoke sensor with micro:bit

Learn to use a smoke sensor with micro:bit

19. Rotary Encoder with micro:bit

Learn to use the rotary encoder

20. Tilt Sensor with micro:bit

Learn to use a tilt sensor with micro:bit

21. Using LEDs with micro:bit

Learn to use multiple LEDs with the micro:bit and make a light show

22. Hall Effect Sensor with micro:bit

Detect the presence of magnetic fields

23. Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor with micro:bit

Learn to attach and use an obstacle avoidance sensor

24. Push Button with micro:bit

Learn how to add an external push button to the micro:bit

25. Create a Light-sensitive Alarm with micro:bit

Learn to use the buzzer module and make your own light-sensitive alarm!

26. 1-channel Relay with micro:bit

Turn another circuit on and off with a relay

27. Joystick module with micro:bit

Learn to use a joystick module and play pong with it!

28. Set up Arduino IDE for micro:bit

Learn how to install and set up the Arduino IDE for use with micro:bit

29. Obstacle Avoidance with Micro:bit Robit Smart Car

Get the Robit Smart Car to move and avoid obstacles!

30. Line Tracking Module with Robit Smart Car

Get the Robit Smart Car to detect edges with the tracking module

31. Light-seeking Robit Smart Car

Make the robit smart car seek out light while avoiding obstacles

32. Make a Grove Zero Line Follower Robot

Create a robot that will follow a line you draw and learn about programming logic!

33. Create a micro:bit Robot with Grove Zero

Learn to use the Grove Zero Bit Kit

34. Using the Buttons and LED Matrix on micro:bit

Get started with using the pushbuttons and LED matrix on the micro:bit

35. Using an LED with micro:bit

Learn to use an external LED with the micro:bit

36. Analog Inputs and micro:bit

Learn about analog inputs using a potentiometer and micro:bit

37. Using the Built-in Sensors on micro:bit

Learn to use the built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer & compass on the micro:bit

38. Bluetooth with micro:bit

Learn about bluetooth and how to use the radio module on the micro:bit

Crack the Code Kit Guides

In these guides we dive deep into using the Crack the Code Kit.

1. Teaching Binary Using the Vending Machine Example

Follow these examples to help explain Binary using the vending machine example

Robotics Guides

In these guides we dive deep into Robotics.

1. Get Started With the EagLED

Familiarise yourself with the EagLED and its components

2. Proximity-sensing Hat and EagLED

Make a proximity-sensing hat that can assist the blind

3. Light-up Badge with EagLED

Make a light-up badge in a few simple steps.

4. Light-sensitive Bookmark with EagLED

Create a portable light that automatically lights up in darkness

5. Wearable Torch with EagLED

Build a wearable torch that lights up on button press

6. Musical Greeting Card with EagLED

Make a birthday card that plays a happy birthday tune when it is opened up

7. OLED Watch with EagLED

Make a watch with the EagLED

8. Make Music with the EagLED

Get started with making music with the EagLED

9. Interactive Felt Monster with EagLED

Create a felt monster by using felt fabric, the EagLED and conductive thread

10. Sound-responsive Lights

Wearable lights that respond to sound

Makedo Guides

In these guides we dive deep into Makedo.

1. How to make a extension arm with Makedo

An introduction to Makedo tools and basic construction ideas

ShaKey Guides

In these guides we dive deep into ShaKey.

1. Meet the ShaKey

Get started and learn to use the ShaKey board's inputs

2. Set Up Arduino IDE for Shakey

Add board support in Arduino IDE to use the ShaKey

3. Snack Jar Alarm with ShaKey

Learn to make a snack jar alarm with Shakey to protect your snacks!

4. Remap Inputs on ShaKey

Learn how to change inputs on the ShaKey

5. Make Music with ShaKey

Create a keyboard piano out of cardboard and get it to make some music!

6. Quiz Buzzer with ShaKey

Make a quiz buzzer with the ShaKey!

7. Pacman game and controller with ShaKey

Make the pac-man game but with a twist!

8. Accelerometer and ShaKey

Learn to use the Accelerometer with Arduino IDE and Processing

9. Temperature Sensing with ShaKey

Log temperature data into a Google sheet with ShaKey

10. Dance Dance Revolution with ShaKey

Build your own Dance Dance Revolution Device with ShaKey

11. Pong with ShaKey

Create a pong game and controller using Scratch and ShaKey!

12. Candy Collecting Game with ShaKey

Make a simple candy collecting game with ShaKey

13. Simple Circuits with ShaKey

Learn about circuits and make a simple doorbell & security alarm with the ShaKey

14. Eat Sushi in Style with ShaKey

Play notes when you dip sushi in sauce with the ShaKey

15. String Instrument with ShaKey

Learn about lists and make your own string instrument

16. Draw with the ShaKey

Learn to program the ShaKey to draw with the Scratch programming language