EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board

EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board Australia
EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board Australia EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board Australia EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board Australia
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Little Bird's Description of the EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board



EagLED is Littlebird Electronics' wearable development kit. It's a complete Arduino compatible microcontroller that has LEDs, Light Sensor, Push Button and Battery Board built into a snappable board.

USB Support

The EagLED has built-in USB support that user can use to program and power up the board. It's fully compatible with Arduino IDE and also a Microsoft Certified device. With the built-in USB support, user can write sketch that make EagLED act like a mouse, keyboard and also MIDI musical equipment when connected to the computer.

Power Supply

EagLED is designed to be powered by multiple power supplies. 3V coin cell, USB or a single cell 3.7V LiPo battery. EagLED has an onboard 3.3V 600mA CMOS LDO REGULATOR protected by a diode plus and IDEAL diode. The USB supply is also protected by a USB fuse. When powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery, the EagLED is be able to run up to 10 hours with the default factory blinking sketch.

EagLED is fabric friendly. All the component on board are flush to the PCB and won't snag to the garments.

EagLED is easy to use and beginner friendly and destroy proof when battery is connected with a wrong polarity.

EagLED has 4 indicator LEDs, power good, TX, RX and user controlled LED.

EagLED has an onboard ICSP connector for reprogramming by advance users.

The main board of EagLED has 14 sewing tap pads for attachment and electrical connections. 

EagLED also come with 2 Eye LEDs, 2 star LEDs, 2 love heart LEDs, a push button and a light sensor that are all detachable for sewing at different places of a garment.

EagLED has a detachable coin cell holder that has a built-in on/off switch.

EagLED sewing pads are also crocodile clip friendly.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm

Weight : xx gram 

Input Supply 1 : 5V USB power

Input Supply 2 : 3V CR2032 coin cell

Input Supply 3 : 3.7V Lipo battery 

Maximum Input Supply : 3VDC – 6VDC (Do not supply over 6VDC)

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EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snapable Board Guides
Get Started With the EagLED

The EagLED is a beginner-friendly and fully Arduino-compatible micro-controller packed with LEDs, a light sensor, pushbutton switch, and a battery board all built into a handy snappable board. It won't snag on your garments either, so you can easily use them for your wearable or e-textile projects.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the various parts of the EagLED as well as how you can set it up to be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

Complete this guide to get up to speed and start creating with the EagLED!

Proximity-sensing Hat and EagLED

The EagLED is a snappable wearable development kit that makes it easy to create your own wearables.

In this guide, we will build an assistive device for the blind, specifically a proximity-sensing hat! When coming close to an obstacle, the Lilypad Vibe board will give a little vibration near the ear, to prevent any accidental collisions from happening. We'll be using the EagLED, Lilypad Vibe board, Sharp Infrared Distance Sensor and conductive thread. 

Complete this guide to create a proximity-sensing hat with the EagLED!

Light-up Badge with EagLED

The EagLED has multiple sew tabs around the board for each component, which makes it easy to create wearables with conductive thread!

In this guide, you will learn to use conductive thread to create a light-up badge. We'll also introduce you to some basic sewing techniques and tips for using conductive thread in building circuits. 

Complete this guide to create your own light-up badge with the EagLED.

Light-sensitive Bookmark with EagLED

The EagLED includes multiple LEDs and it also comes with a light sensor. 

In this guide, we'll combine both and build a light-sensitive bookmark that will automatically light up in darkness. We will also use a coin cell battery holder, a CR2032 coin cell battery and felt fabric.

Complete this guide to build your own felt fabric bookmark with a stitched-in LED light that lights up in low light or in the dark.

Wearable Torch with EagLED

The EagLED is a handy e-textile development kit which includes a push button switch and several LEDs.

In this guide, learn to build a wearable torch with one LED and a button. It will be powered with a coin cell battery.

Complete this guide to master the basics and go on with incorporating buttons and LEDs in your wearable electronic projects.

Musical Greeting Card with EagLED

The EagLED comes packed with a number of LEDs and sensors, and can also be used with external components.

In this guide, learn to create a musical greeting card by using the EagLED's light sensor and LED, an external speaker, conductive thread, and felt fabric.

Complete this guide to incorporate sound into your EagLED project.

OLED Watch with EagLED

The EagLED e-textile wearable development kit comes with LEDs and sensors as well as SCL and SDA sew tabs. By using the SCL and SDA sew tabs on the EagLED, it is possible to connect via I2C to other external sensors or modules,

In this guide, learn to connect a 0.96'' OLED screen to the EagLED and create your own simple OLED watch. The watch shows the time as well as uses an LED as a visual reminder.

Complete this guide to get familiar with using the EagLED together with other components through I2C.

Make Music with the EagLED

At the heart of the EagLED is an Atmega32U4 chip. This means that the EagLED can also be used as a USB-MIDI device.

In this guide, get started with making music with the EagLED.

Complete this guide to learn about MIDI with the EagLED. You could go on to make your own wearable music-making devices! 

Interactive Felt Monster with EagLED

The Interactive Stuffed Monster from the Sew Electric Book is a great project to test your sewing and circuit-building skills. 

In this guide, we will show you how to create an interactive monster made of felt fabric, conductive thread, the EagLED, and a tiny speaker.

Complete this guide to create a felt fabric monster that can glow, sing and respond to touch.

Sound-responsive Lights

The EagLED can be used with external components such as a sound sensor module. 

In this guide, create a sound-activated light-up accessory with the EagLED, a sound sensor module, conductive thread, and felt fabric.

Complete this simple guide and incorporate it into your next wearable electronic costume or accessory.