LED Christmas Tree - Learn To Solder Kit

SKU LB-LR0214-170A

We have 5 units in our Sydney Warehouse available for immediate dispatch.

This LED Christmas Tree is a great kit to learn to solder. It uses through hole components for ease of construction and everything is clearly labeled on the PCBs.

Side A (Slit on the top):

Green LEDs (D1-D6)
R2 - 330Ω
Yellow LEDs (D7-D12)
R4 - 1KΩ
Red LEDs (D13-D18)
R6 - 2KΩ

R7 - 10K
Side B (Slit on the bottom) 
Red LEDs (D1-D6)
R2 - 2KΩ
Green LEDs (D7-D12)
R4 - 330Ω
Yellow LEDs (D13-D18)
R6 - 1KΩ

The switch is mounted with the notch facing the outside of the PCB.
LEDs go long leg into square hole.

White stripe on the capacitors lines up with white stripe on PCB. (PCB states 22uf but we are using 47uf)

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