Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit

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IoT Starter Kit is an all-in-one bundle for micro:bit beginners to fast experience and build Internet of Things projects.

Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit connection


The kit comes with a micro:bit microcontroller, a Wi-Fi module and 7 sensors/actuators that are wildly used in real-life IoT applications.


Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit IoT with Obloq


You can easily setup the Wi-Fi connection in MakeCode Block Editor, program your micro:bit and eventually interact with your smart devices.

To make things even easier and fun. We developed EasyIoT, a free educational IoT platform that allows subscribers to exchange and visualize the data.

This starter kit is compatible with hundreds of DFRobot Gravity Series modules, bringing endless possibilities to your IoT applications.

Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit Gravity Series



micro:bit with Internet connectivity
The kit comes with a plug and play Wi-Fi module, Obloq, that adds Internet connectivity to micro:bit.
To start Internet connection, simply fill your Wi-Fi name and password into the coding blocks.
Obloq GitHub page:

Obloq abstract


Obloq initailzation


Other than EasyIoT, Obloq also supports HTTP commands, allowing accessing to more web applications.


IFTTT webhooks:

EasyIoT Platfrom

EasyIoT is a free educational IoT platform that allows you to exchange and visualize data. You can access EasyIoT from the web Browser of your smart devices.

EasyIoT interface

EasyIoT Dash Board


EasyIoT works similar to the micro:bit radio communication. All the micro:bits and your smart devices under the same topic will receive the message published to this topic. Meanwhile, the message will be saved in the cloud for further analysis.


EasyIoT Dashboard

Send and Receive Message


EasyIoT Data Visualization

Data Visualization


Real-life IoT applications

The Starter Kit comes with 7 plug and play modules that are wildly used in real-life IoT application.


Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit Applications

Control and monitor a home air conditioning over the internet 


  • Power Supply: MicroUSB (5V)
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Maximum Current: 1500mA
  • Working Temperature: 0-60 ℃
  • package size: 250*190*57 mm /9.84 * 7.5 *2.24 inches
  • Weight: 492g


  • MakeCode Block Editor V0
  • EasyIoT


QuickStart Guide                                                *1
micro:bit                                                             *1
Micro:Mate Expansion Board                         *1
Obloq Wi-Fi Module                                         *1
Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor        *1
Waterproof DS18B20 Sensor Kit                    *1
Digital PIR (Motion) Sensor                              *1
Digital 5A Relay Module                                   *1
Digital Speaker Module                                    *1
Analog Sound Sensor For Arduino                 *1
9g Metal Gear Micro Servo                              *1