Arduino Essentials


This slim power supply is ideal for powering you Arduino project. Providing 9v and 500mA these are an Australian RCM power supply.


Most Arduino shields use regular “male” pin headers for connection to the Arduino, but by using stackable headers instead you can stack shields on top of each other and use multiple shields at the same time.


Heard about Arduino but not sure how to start?Want to learn how to work with electronics and microcontrollers but need a little help?You've come to the right place! This bundle is designed to get you started quickly and easily on your path of learning electronics. Originally t...


This budget pack is an optimized collection of parts and pieces to experiment with Adafruit Metro 328 and the Arduino IDE at home, school or work. Great for students and those that want to get their feet wet, no soldering required!


Adafruit is currently shipping R3 of the Arduino UnoInterested in making neat stuff with an Arduino but not sure where to start? This kit includes all the pieces needed to complete 11 different circuits, along with a experimenter's guide booklet & breadboard layout sheets. Bas...