Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit is a package designed for programming and maker education. In addition to over 10 electronic modules that come with Codey Rocky, six Neuron blocks are included in the kit, which allow students to gain a more intuitive understanding of how se...


Ozobot Bit comes in a crystal white and titanium black colors (single and dual packs) and includes a carrying case, skin, and a charging cable


Ozobot Bit comes in a crystal white and titanium black colors (single and dual packs) and includes a carrying case, skin, and a charging cable


Looking for robot kits for kids? The Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Classroom Kit is exactly what you need! This kit is everything you need to bring Ozobot into your classroom in one box.


Push the boundaries of human-machine cooperation. Introducing the all in one robotic arm that brings the power and precision of industrial robotics to your desktop. This cutting edge robotic arm can manipulate objects, 3D print, write an draw.


Introducing Blue-Bot, the Bluetooth floor robot Welcome to the future of programming in the classroom! Blue-Bot is our brand new addition to the floor robot family. This innovative Bluetooth robot can be controlled using a tablet or PC/Mac whereby you create your program on sc...


Blue-Bot TacTile Reader Tiles Extension Pack The TacTile Extension Pack introduces extra functionality to the standard pack including 45° turns and repeats.


If you need to replace some TacTiles or you just want to have a larger selection, this pack is perfect! Contents: Starter Pack Forwards 8 Backwards 8 Left (90°) 4 Right (90°) 4 Pause 1.


This Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Alphabet Mat is an excellent way to learn literacy and ICT skills through play. Brightly coloured upper and lower case letters.


Build your own computer. Make lights flash, discover how your computer works. With simple steps learn to code art, games, music and more. Don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.


Introducing Blue-Bot, the Bluetooth floor robot. This is a set of 6 Blue-Bots (TTSB485) and also includes a docking station, allowing you to charge 6 Blue-Bots or rechargeable Bee-Bots at the same time.


Expand your child's horizons with the help of the Ozobot Bit, the best programmable robot toy for kids! There is no end to the possibilities, as your child creates a different landscape of adventures and games through Ozobot programming.


Already run the Crack the Code unit of work and want to replenish your component box?


Robotic learning is the most effective educational solution to acquire critical STEAM skills for a student’s future success. Innovative robotic architecture and design, combined with it’s intuitive coding platform, the E300 learning kit inspires students to develop higher orde...


The ThinkerShield All-in-one Coding Kit is a learn-by-making product from MAAS. Based on the massively popular Arduino board and programming language, the kit brings the exciting world of electronics and computer control to anyone with a computer and a USB cable.


Red Heart-shaped sewable LED board. 


The Insect Bot mini is an easy to assemble robot for young engineers from 6 to 100. With assembling this robot you will learn the basic robotics in terms of how all the components work together. There is a microcontroller which is working as the robot brain and two servo motor...




Ozobot Bit comes in a crystal white and titanium black colors (single and dual packs) and includes a carrying case, skin, and a charging cable


The Circuit Scribe Lite kit is a basic kit in Circuit Scribe family, it could make creating circuits as easy as doodling. And there is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink in the kit. it could be used for any type of circuit you want to create. Circuit Scrib...


Teknikio Blue star-shaped sewable LED board. 


This DIY soldering kit contains everything you need to create simple circuits with minimum level electronics and soldering. Kids will be introduced to basics of circuit, soldering and take the opportunity to play with LEDs, battery and bring these animals to life!






Antbo is an assembling bionic robot. Kids will learn basic robotic knowledge and movement principles during the process of assembling the robot. Antbo uses nearly dozen sensors, simulation artificial neuron network through the movement system and optimized gait algorithm to si...


To navigate terrain inaccessible by the wheel, students learn the concept of kinetic energy through limbed mobility. The insect limbed robot extension kit transforms the E300 through the interaction of DC motors and integrated limb parts to construct a versatile vehicle person...


Creativity, design-thinking, and artistic skills are the foundation of innovation. With the Air Piano Extension Kit, students will have the opportunity to innovatively combine ultrasonic sensors, and coding, to programmatically express musical creativity. This extension kit...


Meet Mr. NEON, the light chaser beam robot that can help kids or novice electronic enthusiasts learn about things like soldering and simple knowledge of circuit. Mr NEON is designed to look like a three-leg monster whose eyes or tentacles glow in accordance with ambient light ...


Osmo provides a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. This Osmo Classroom Kit offers an expansive collection of Osmo games that will allow students to explore science, math, art, encourages visual thinking and so much more in a playful hands-on way.