Photon Robot

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  • World first robot that develops with his owner
  • The most advanced educational robot
  • 10 programmable sensors
  • Fabulous story based mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Photon’s possibilities

1. Light detection

The robot is able to determine the intensity of light and determine whether it is dark or bright.

2. Touch detection

The robot responds to touch or lack of it.

3. Obstacle detection

The robot can detect obstacles (walls, large objects, etc.) up to 100cm in front of the robot, with an accuracy of 1 cm.

4. Communication with other robots

Robots can communicate with each other.

5. Measuring the traveled distance

The robot knows how many centimetres it has traveled.

6. Measurement of the rotation angle

The robot is able to turn at a given angle with an accuracy of 1 degree.

7. Magnetic mounts for additional accessories

Special magnetic accessories increase the photon's capabilities.

8. LED backlight of the eyes and antennas

The robot changes the colour of the antennas and eyes independently.

9. Unique sounds

The robot plays its own sounds and sounds recorded by the child, transmitted by the application.

10. Sound detection

The robot reacts to a loud sound, e.g. clap, stamp, scream.

11. Ground contrast detection

Using four contrast sensors, Photon detects the colour of the ground on which it moves: white or black.

12. Mapping the route

The robot moves the programmed sequence of the route, at the same time reacting to the interaction with the environment.