Arduino Data Loggers


Here's a handy Arduino shield: we've had a lot of people looking for a dedicated and well-designed data logging shield. We worked hard to engineer an inexpensive but well-rounded design. Not only is it easy to assemble and customize, it also comes with great documentation and ...




This product has been discontinued, please see our new updated assembled version.


Adafruit’s Data Logging Shield for Arduino makes it easy to save data to files on any FAT16- or FAT32-formatted SD card in a way that can be read later by most plotting, spreadsheet, or analysis programs. The included real time clock (RTC) timestamps all your data with the cur...


GPS shield for Arduino kit with data-logging capability. After building this easy kit, you can create your own geo-locative project. Please note that this shield does not come with a GPS module, they are sold separately (see below)


Brand new and better than ever, we've replaced our Adafruit GPS shield kit with this assembled shield that comes with an Ultimate GPS module.