Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit

Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit Australia
Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit Australia Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit Australia
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We can get a further 100 units from Makeblock Australia.
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Makeblock's Description of the Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit


Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit is a package designed for programming and maker education.
In addition to over 10 electronic modules that come with Codey Rocky, six Neuron blocks are included in the kit, which allow students to gain a more intuitive understanding of how sensors work. Also, more supporting teaching materials are available to meet the learning needs of students at different grades. Neuron makes it easier to design, create and show our projects.

The Codey Rocky Education Kit gives students a chance to create an interactive game or a maker project by programming. With the help of our kit, teachers can develop courses on programming, AI and IoT, and organise robotics or creative competitions.

Two-in-One Design, Suitable for Various Scenarios

Codey Rocky is a capable teaching assistant in all teaching scenarios. It's easy to assemble, allowing students to focus on the more important thing: turning ideas into reality with code.

Make Programming Education Fun

Codey Rocky can sense vibration and changes in sound, light and color, which allows students to have first-hand experience of how sensors work. Instant interaction with Codey Rocky brings more fun and better experience to the programming learning process.

Spark More Ideas with Neuron

Use Neuron_Funny Touch, Neuron LED Strip and LED Strip Driver, Neuron Ultrasonic Sensor, To inspire kids to design and create.

Easy to Learn and Apply AI and IOT

1.Use the AI feature of mBlock5 to realise age recognition.

2.Obtain real-time weather data via Wi-Fi and show the data on the LED display.

Switch to Python with One Click

Support block-based and python programming. Meet the needs of kids at different grades. Python texts change in sync with coding blocks.

Supporting Materials

Codey Rocky & Neuron Discovery_Teacher's Book.pdf

Sample of Students' Book of Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit.pdf


mBlock 5:A powerful platform for coding designed for STEAM education.

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