Super Funkey Review

The SUPER Funkey is an easy to use programmable board which has three modes, Keystroke mode, Programming mode and I/O mode. It also has large pads designed to connect alligator clips to for easy connection to sensors as well as ground and power. The board also has polarity protection so if you or your kids plug something in the wrong way, you won’t damage the sensor or the board.

 In Keystroke mode, you can use up to 18 analogue inputs such as distance sensors, tilt sensors and many more to send to the connected computer that programmed key. The board comes with the keys W, A, S, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, Up, Down, Left, Right, space and right click preprogramed (to program your own keys head over to which allows for plug and play fun! An easy implementation is the ability to play games such as Minecraft or Portal with the change of real life variables like moving left to apply the key A through the board.

The second mode, which is the programming mode allows you to control analogue inputs and outputs based on the variables you set, for example if it reaches 35°C then sound an alarm and flash a light while turning on a fun. One thing that would interest some young kids would be that ability to set up a simple room burglar alarm. All one would need is a small switch to fit in between the door and door frame and a loud buzzer.

Lastly the I/O mode allows for eight inputs to control eight outputs. Again, these eight inputs can be any analogue input you can think of. With sensors that report a value other than on or off, the board will turn on the output when the smallest value is returned from the sensor (e.g. If I have an LDR, there must be no light at all for an output to be turned off, that smallest amount of light will turn on the output) . The output will provide a basic ON or OFF signal to power an LED or buzz a buzzer. This board is great for people who aren’t too confident in programming but want to get a start in the world of electronics. This board will provide you with a basic understanding of electronics and hopefully allow you to dive deeper in the world of electronics. 

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