Make music with the FunKey


Funkey is an awesome product made by Architectronics. This board is registered by computers as a keyboard and mouse, so you can make your very own keyboard and mouse how you like it! The cool thing is, that the keyboard will work even if the alligator clips are connected to something that doesn’t conduct very much.

So, you can make a keyboard using glasses of water, or even pieces of fruit. A fun example of this is shown in the video below, where a literal apple keyboard is used to make music. I guess that means that it makes Apple music… Oh, the puns!!! This board can be used for lots of fun experiments, for gaming, and just to make unique computer controllers. The different ‘keys’ can also be reprogrammed, so you can change it to suit any game or program you like. Overall, this keyboard can be used for so much and is definitely worth getting. Have fun!!!


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