Little Bird Doorbell

Since we got the UPBox+ 3D printer I have had it going *every* day!   So many much fun!

I used the bird head STL I found on thingiverse - also a resistor.  The first bird I printed I managed to drop and the beak broke off :( 6 hours of printing later (having decided that the head needed to be bigger) I had a glorious birds head.

After cleaining up the print,  I painted it using my old warhammer paints (these worked beautifully on the plastic and otherwise sit longingly on my shelf).

I burnt a hole through the plastic for the button (having not printed a space for it) and cut out space for the doorbell circuit. 

I used an off the shelf doorbell which we have had at the factory for ages and does a nice hoot-hoot noise when rung.

Here is a pretty video of the project


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