'Introduction to Micro:bit' Workshop

Hey folks!

We'll be holding our "Introduction to Micro:bit" workshop soon! It is specifically designed for you, by our technical support team. 

In the the workshop, you will be introduced to the Micro:bit with no prior knowledge of the device required. Just bring yourself and your laptop, we will take it from there!

By the end of the day, you will:

  • Be able to identify the Micro:bit's various features
  • Know how to use the Micro:bit's LEDs, buttons, accelerometer, compass, and onboard radio chip
  • See what the Micro:bit can do with other external components such as a joystick module or temperature and humidity sensor
  • Know how to load simple programs onto the Micro:bit by using the MakeCode editor
  • Make something with the Micro:bit!

Complete this one-day workshop and you will be on your way to building musical instruments, digital games, alarms and much more.

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