EL Wire Halloween Costume

Hey guys!


I’m so excited to be sharing this adorable halloween costume with you today! Have you ever seen such a cute pumpkin? This costume was so incredibly easy to make, literally anyone can do it in under 1 hour!


This particular Pumpkin costume is handmade using this pattern. The pattern is super easy for sewers (it took me just under 2 hours) but honestly, using a pre made pumpkin costume is just as cute! There are heaps available online. My fave is this one.


Grab your green EL wire, a needle and thread. Outline the leaf on the hat with the EL wire, stitching it down every few centimetres. It’s really as easy as that! The excess EL wire and battery pack can be safety pinned to the back of the hat.


Now for Cinderella. I ran down to Big W and picked up this cute Cinderella costume. Attaching the EL wire to the costume is just as easy as the pumpkin. Cut a small hole near the sleeve, and thread the EL wire through the hole. Then, simply line the ‘V’ shape of the dress, stitching it down every few centimetres. Curve the wire where the bodice meets the skirt (you may find using a dab of fabric glue helpful here) and then stitch back up the other side of the V.  Again, the excess fabric and battery pack can be safety pinned to the back of the dress.


I’ve included this picture to demonstrate how the wire is attached. I’ve used paper and tape so so it’s easier to see.




Now your little Cinderella and Pumpkin are ready for a night at the ball! Remember to tag us on Instagram or post on Facebook if you make this project! What are some other projects we can do with EL wire? Let us know in the comments below!




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