Day 9 Arduino Advent Calendar

Let's Get Started with the Day 9 Guide!

Please DO NOT try to connect your relay up to high voltage circuits. This should only be done by trained professionals.

Arduino Advent Calendar Day 08 - Buzzer!

Today we're going to use a rock your world with relays!

What is a relay?

A relay module is a switch that we can operate from our Arduino. 

Inside the relay, an electromagnet made up of a coil and ferrite material that is used to move the switch to different positions mechanically.

You can use a relay to control your LOW VOLTAGE (less than 12 Volts DC) Christmas lights, by cutting a wire in the string of lights and passing it through the relay.

Enough talking about it let's go and build up the circuit over at .

Let's Get Started with the Day 9 Guide!

We're happy to help!

If you find you're getting stuck with today's guide, hit up our team of highly trained Arduino ninjas on this forum thread.

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