Create your own video games with the Gameduino

Originally released via an incredibly popular Kickstarter project, the Gameduino has become available in the wider retail arena for over twelve months. Based on an FPGA chip, it takes the load from the Arduino with regards to video, sound and processing to allow more complex graphics and games to be controlled by an Arduino. Several games are included, plus you can follow a wide variety of game tutorials to learn how to make your own, for example Frogger:

However there is more than just playing games, you can consider the Gameduino to be a VGA monitor interface and display all manner of data on any normal screen - great for industry, process monitoring or other applications that require monitoring in real time. For more information, tutorials and help visit the Gameduino website. And for more news, updates and items of interest.please follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Apart from offering the Gameduino at Little Bird Electronics, we have a range of Arduino-compatible boards, prototyping parts as well as user input suitable for gaming such as arcade-style buttons and thumb joysticks. So let your imagination go wild in our catalogue!

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