Cascata - an Arduino Waterfall display

Amateur radio operator WA5ZNU has used an Arduino and a colour LCD shield to build a "Waterfall display" unit. These are used by radio operators to plot signal strength and frequency against time on a scrolling display. According to the author, their design can display in either 0~2 kHz or 0~4 kHz modes. Here is an example of the unit in action:

Apart from the ease of using an Arduino and the LCD shield, there is a small amount of soldering required for the input and socket. So to get started and view the circuit details and Arduino sketch, visit WA5ZNU's project page here. And for more news, updates and items of interest, please follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

To build your own waterfall display, we have the colour LCD shield and a range of Arduino boards. For this example, consider the Freetronics Eleven, as apart from being 100% Arduino Uno-compatible, it has a small protoyping area perfect for use with this project:

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