Build your own Conditional Diaper Purse

Using an Lilypad Arduino as the brains, 'jnorby' has constructed and documented an amazing diaper purse. In her words:

Design and technology merge to create a twice-functional diaper bag that will serve to illustrate useful reminders on what's missing and what's accounted for before setting out for the day. This stylish bag will use fabric switches that will trigger five or six LEDs, which will reflect the current conditions of the bag, whether half full or half empty. You'll never be without your essential baby items: diapers, wipes, bottle, bibs, food, binkies or, in my house, a most-important iPad. The soft-light LEDs will display a gentle reminder to restock on items that may be missing. You'll never leave home without having exactly what you need to make your baby, a happy baby.

You can see the bag in action with the following video clip:

Apart from being a great use of the Lilypad Arduino, the finshed purse is both good-looking and genuinely useful. Furthermore these ideas could be applied to other handbags (e.g. tracking keys, purse, phone etc) or related packing projects. So to get started, visit the project instructions here. And for more news, updates and items of interest, please follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

To recreate your own wearable electronics, check out our range of Arduino Lilypad hardware:

... conductive thread and other matching components. It's amazing what can be possible with some time and imagination, and remember that Lilypad Arduino parts can be washable by following their instructions.

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