Sick and tired of your snacks going missing? Then this guide is for you!

 In this guide, you will learn to make a snack jar alarm with the ShakeUp, by using a simple but cool Scratch trick together with some conductive tape and alligator clips. 

Complete this guide to protect your snacks.
    • Take a look at your snack  jar. 
      Does it have a lid that can be twisted and/or lifted off?
      Where does the lid meet the rim?

    • If so, attach conductive tape around the rim of the lid where it meets the top of the jar.

    • Use a jumper cable! Connect it to the conductive tape.

    • Get out an alligator clip and attach it to the end of the wire as shown.

    • Next, attach the other end of the alligator clip to the ShakeUp's 'Space' input

    • Now add more conductive tape. Attach a piece of conductive tape as shown in the picture, where it runs from the inside all the way to the outside of the jar. 

    • Make sure the two lines of conductive tape meet.

    • Add another alligator clip to the lot. Attach one end of the alligator clip to the conductive tape you just added to the jar.

    • Then make sure the other end of the alligator clip, is attached to 'Earth' on the ShakeUp.

    • Connect the ShakeUp to your computer by using a microUSB cable

    • Open up the Scratch editor.

    • Grab a 'when green flag is clicked' block from 'Events'. 

    • Then grab a 'forever' block from 'Control. 

    • Next, get an 'if ... then ... else ... ' block. Place this under 'forever' block. 

    • Next, create a condition! We want to make it so that when the space input is pressed (lid attached to jar), no sound is played from the alarm. So get out a 'key space pressed?' block from 'Sensing' tab. 

    • Then from 'Sound' tab, get 'stop all sounds' block and place it in 'if'. 

    • Next, get a 'play sound ... until done' block and place this under 'else'. 

    • Finally, you can record your own alarm sound by clicking on 'record ... ' as shown in the second picture. Now when the lid is taken off, your treats are safe from harm as the alarm will sound.

    • You can download the Scratch code, here: Snack Jar Alarm Project.sb3 

      Replace the sound with your own recorded sound.